Pegasus Mail is very helpful with people because it allows users to send, receive, and manage e-mails, whether it is in the user’s network or other internet-based accounts like Gmail or Yahoo. The best thing about it: it is free. But everything has its pros and cons.


  • Easy to set-up: From the initial installation and set-up, the software has easy-to-follow wizards and a Help file or user manual. Single users may still have to look for the POP information for internet e-mails, but most of the work is already done. For setting up multiple users, it requires some technical skill. However, if you are not familiar with it then you can use the Help file which covers set-up options in detail.
  • Multi-user support: Users can still have their own folders and separate set-up. At the same time, all users can opt to share an address book with all users.
  • Easy to navigate: The software is similar with Outlook. In the left pane, it holds a tree list of e-mail related folders that can be viewed in more detail on the right pane. There are more icons but descriptive tooltips help explain the purpose of each.


  • Purchasing the manual: The software itself is free. However, the Help file or user manual should be purchased. David Harris states that in order to continue the development of Pegasus Mail, they still need to earn some money to have funds. Hence, the manual should be purchased.
  • Interface: This is the program’s weakest point. It is better if the program can run in a specific interface. Plus, it doesn’t have any spellchecker.
pegasus mail review
pegasus mail review

Over-all, Pegasus Mail is good to use. If you are still not convinced, you can read other buy proxies.