If there are things that you don’t understand about Pegasus Mail, or you are experiencing problems about the software, such as: installation, plug-ins, mailing list, or the back-up e-mail; there are several ways to contact them and ask for assistance.

  • Community website of Pegasus Mail and Mercury

This is the first site where you could go and read everything about Pegasus Mail. Users all over the world are communicating in this community website. You will find several blogs, forum, software and plug-ins to download, information overview and the latest news about the Pegasus Mail’s development.

  • Public mailing list

This is run by the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa, where an extreme valuable resource can be found. There are six lists available that provide different information about Pegasus Mail: official announcements; issues related to the Windows version of Pegasus Mail; for the MS-DOS version; for the Macintosh version; Mercury; and the PMAIL list that receives all the mail sent to the first five.

  • Newsgroups

There is a particular discussion forum that discusses all information and entertains questions about Pegasus Mail. These people volunteer their time and knowledge in order to help other users. You can reach the forum via comp.mail.pegasus-mail.misc and comp.mail.pegasus-mail.ms-windows.

  • Support mailing list

Pegasus mail also has their own technical support, but due to their small operation they only have a limited number of staff that can help the users. You will be able to send a request to [email protected]