The Win32 version of Mercury or known as Mercury/32 runs on Windows version that includes 95, 98, NT4, 2000, XP and Vista workstations. But for Vista, there are still some existing problems. For Windows 7, it only had limited testing. It can provide mail services to a single computer or a local area network. It has a special support for the Novell NetWare environment and integrates with NetWare LAN in the same manner as the NLM version. Mercury/32 is one of the richest, most powerful mail processing environments due to its features, especially with its improvement with the latest version, the Mercury/32 v4.80.

mercury mail
mercury mail
  • Open SSL: This means greater inoperability with other sites and allows the use of fully-signed certificates. The Mercury provided an easy, step-by-step generation process to create the CSR requests needed to purchase or acquire it from online Certification Authorities.
  • TCIP/IP overhaul: It has improved reliability and maintainability, making it easier to update the program in future. It also handles connections faster than in previous versions.
  • Completely rewritten help system: The new help system is up-to-date, consistently formatted, and more usefully presented than in the old version. It will run properly no matter where Mercury is installed, or on whatever version of Windows it is running. The new system has a comprehensive table of contents and index, with free-text searching planned for future releases.
  • SSL Support in MercuryE: The MercuryE SMTP client will now have comprehensive support for SSL connections in outgoing mail, and has an Access Control List that allows users to fine-tune connections and SSL usage for specific servers and domains.
  • Mercury IMAP search rewritten: It can now handle any valid IMAP search expression faster than the old version.
  • Mercury IMAP fixes and improvements: There are numerous fixes and improvements. For Thunderbird users, Mercury now works better.
  • Several bug fixes: There were dozens of corrections made that improved the reliability and strength of the program considerably.
  • HS.EXE: This is a new commandline utility for Mercury, which is used to locate messages matching almost any header-based criteria very quickly and efficiently in directories containing large numbers of mail messages like spam repositories.